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Classe Audio CP-50 Recapped Circuit Board


I consider myself and audiophile. One who understands the physical limits of world of sound. You will not see snake oil claims on this page.

I have always loved electronics, building and repairing especially audio systems.

I have designed and built the SM1-PC which you can view on this site. I believe this design will out-perform any other loudspeaker of similar stature in a blind listen. I invite anyone to come audition the SM1-PC.

I also have another new audio technology approach currently in the design phase which revolutionize listening for the high-end audiophile. Please contact me if you would like to be on the list to learn of its release.

Steve Marafino


I very much enjoy restoring vintage speakers and high-end audio equipment. If you have old loudspeakers or an amplifier perhaps you would like to see restored or completely revamped and upgraded in performance, just tell me about it and I will work up a price. -Thanks

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6500 Baltimore Ave

Lansdowne, PA 19050

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