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Vintage Audio Custom Restorative Services

I will bring your old tired amplifiers back to life with a full recap job. This usually results in a greater sound stage and separation depending on the quality of the amplifier. My restorative recap jobs include replacement of ALL electrolytic capacitors in the unit in both power and signal paths, replacement of thermal pads in output stage, and all required bias adjustments etc.
Or I can suggest circuit design upgrades or alterations to improve or change the equipment's performance to more closely meet your desired sound.

If you have a vintage pair of loudspeakers you wish to restore, either in performance or aesthetics, I can provide that service for you.
Even if you have an inexpensive pair of loudspeakers that you wish to have perform like much more expensive loudspeakers I can do that too. And perform testing and provide documentation of that testing from the resultant work.

Contact me here.

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